Assignments for Jan. 7-11

January 7th, 2013 by Charles Main

Monday- Read pgs. 422-427 and do Section Review pg. 427 numbers 1-6.  Due at end of class.

Tuesday- Notebooks organized and turned in at end of class.

Wednesday-Worksheet on New Business Organizations due.

Friday- Test on Monday:

American Experience Study Guide- Growth of Industry and Business

  1. Be Able to Draw and Fill in the Time-Line.

    II. Terms-Be able to describe and explain the following terms:
  1. laissez-faire 2. Supply and Demand 3. monopoly 4. economy of scale

    5. entrepreneur 6. self-reliant individualism 7. corporation 8. stocks 9. rebates  10. drawbacks

 III. Questions- Be able to:

    1. describe how the United States was the right country, at the right time, and right place for industrial development making sure you explain the four major factors mentioned in your text book. (Notes and text book0

    2. explain how Cornelius Vanderbilt consolidated and streamlined American railroads. (notes)

    3. explain how Andrew Carnegie created a steel monopoly through the use of vertical integration. (notes)

          4. explain how J.D. Rockefeller created an oil monopoly through horizontal integration. (Text book-video)

          5.  explain how Philip Armour made Chicago into “porkopolis” and changed how products were manufactured.

          6.  describe the characteristics of success all the early entrepreneurs had in common.

Assignments for Dec. 17-21

December 17th, 2012 by Charles Main

1.  Due Monday- Map of U.S. Territorial Acquisitions.

2.  Due Tuesday- Read pages 416-421 and do questions 1-6 on pg. 421 (Due Wednesday for pd. 2 U.S.)

3.  Due Thursday-Do Visuals pg. 417, pg. 419, pg. 420

Assignments for Dec. 10-17

December 10th, 2012 by Charles Main

1.  Read pgs. 410-415 and do questions 1-6 on pg. 415….due Thursday.

Assignments for Nov. 12-20

November 15th, 2012 by Charles Main

1.  Movie Review of Fahrenhiet 9/11 due Thursday

2.  Test on War on Terror Tuesday Nov. 20

3.  Study Guide for test:

        The War on Terrorism- Study Guide

Be able to:
Define and explain terrorism.
Explain why some groups resort to terrorism.
List and explain three reasons why some in the Mid-East resent the United States
Explan fundamentalist?
List the Western Values some Mid-Easterners resent.
List some Islamic fundamentalist traditional values they want to maintain?
Explain why the U.S. support of Israel angers many in the Middle East?

List two of Osama bin Laden’s goals?
List four things he did to achieve those goals.
Explain the ways was the war on terror  was a different kind of war.
Describe the Taliban and the kind of rule did they impose on the Afghans and who did they supported.                         Explain why the United States wanted to rid Afghanistan of the Taliban.  At least two reasons.
List three achievements of U.S. military in Afghanistan.
Explain the the big question regarding our policy in Afghanistan.
What four demands did Bush make of Sadaam Hussein that would lead to a U.S. invasion of Iraq if not meant?
List four reasons the U.S. wanted to rid Iraq of Sadaam Hussein.
List four things 30 billion dollars of U.S. money was used for in Iraq.
give the number of Americans were killed in Iraq between 2003-2006?

describe four of the most interesting things you learned about the Iraqi war from watching F9/11.                                            Do you think we were justified in invading Iraq?….give at least three reasons.

Assignments for Oct. 29-Nov. 2

October 29th, 2012 by Charles Main

1.  Due Tuesday- Read pgs. 1042-1047 and do Sec. Review questions 1-7 on pg. 1047.

Assignments for Oct. 22-26

October 21st, 2012 by Charles Main

Monday- President reports due.

Assignments for Oct. 15-19

October 14th, 2012 by Charles Main

1.  Monday-Study for Test on Bush Years which will be given Tuesday.  Scroll down for the study guide.

2.  Due Thursday: Read pgs. 1036-1041 and do Sec. Review numbers 1-6 on pg. 1041.

3.  Due Monday 10/22:  Presidential Report.

          Honors U.S. History Study Guide for test on Bush Years

I.   Be able to fill in the time-line.

II.  Be able to list the Five Part Framework with an example for each of the five components.

III.  Be able to answer these questions in detail…using examples:

1.  Explain the controversy surrounding the 2000 Presidential election.  Be sure to include the names of the candidates, the voting problem in Florida, the role of the Electoral College, and the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court.

2.  Describe Bush’s tax cut plan and be able to explain how he thought it would grow the economy…..and some of the problems his opponents felt would result from it.

3.  Explain the good and the bad of Bush’s educational reform act know as No Child Left Behind”.

4.   Explain the purpose behind Bush’s Strategic Missile Defense Initiative and why it wasn’t approved by Congress.

5.   Explain Social Security….why it came about, how it works, the troubles it is facing and Bush’s plan to reform it.

6.   Explain the good and bad of the filibuster…….mentioning the rule of 60, the Gang of 14 and how it affected Supreme Court nominations.

7.  Describe Hurricane Katrina and explain how it left many people disillusioned with government in general and with President Bush.

Assignments for Oct. 8-12

October 6th, 2012 by Charles Main

Monday and Tuesday- Read pgs. 1051-1054 and answer these questions due Wednesday:

1.  What had Congress been warned about for decades regarding ” baby boomers” and Social Security?  Explain how this was a problem.    2.  What were two ways the government could handle this problem?   3.  Explain in detail President Bush’s plan to fix Social Security. 4.  Why didn’t Democrats want to privatize Social Security?  5.  Describe President Bush’s prescription drug program. What concerns did Conservatives have over the program?  What concerns did Democrats have over the program? 6.  Did Bush’s drug prescription program pass?  Who did it help?

Wednesday- Answer these questions for Thursday: (pg. 1052)  1.  What is a filibuster?  2.  How many votes are needed to end a filibuster?  3.  How many seats did Republicans have in the Senate?  4.  What was Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist’s plan to end filibusters? 5.  Explain the compromise reached by the “Gang of 14″.  6.  Explain, using examples, how Pres. Bush was able to move the Supreme Court in a more conservative direction.  How did the Gang of 14 compromise help him in this? 7. Describe Hurricane Katrina  8.  Why did many refuse to evacuate their homes after being warned of the hurricane? 9.  Explain why New Orleans was susceptible to flooding?  10.  Describe in detail what happened to those who stayed in their homes in New Orleans when the floods hit.  11.  Explain why, using examples,  the mayor of New Orleans, the government of Louisiana, and FEMA were accused of being unprepared.  12. What did many feel was wrong with President Bush’s response to the crisis?  13.  What lessons are to be learned from the Hurricane Katrina tragedy?  Come up  with three or more.

Friday-Sunday:  Study for Test on The Bush Presidency.  Study guide will be provided.


Assignments for Oct. 1-5

October 4th, 2012 by Charles Main

1.  Read Electoral College 101 handout and then write three reasons given by Kay Maxwell why we should abolish the Electoral College and three reasons by Robert Hardaway why we should keep the electoral college…..then, explain, giving several reasons, why you think we should or should not keep the Electoral College.

2.  Link to on-line text book:
Log -in to the  Text Book Link

3.  Link to Obama/Romney debate:  Debate