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Assignments for April 1-5

Sunday, March 31st, 2013

  Study Guide for Friday’s test.   Be able to explain using examples the following: the attitudes of business owners (3), the role of government in business (3), workers concerns (4), purpose of unions and how they work (5), methods used by business to weaken unions (5), methods used by government to support business over labor(2).    Also be able to explain/difine:  injunction, scabs, blacklist, lockout, picket, yellow dog contract, Pinkertons.  T.R. and the Coal Strike; T.R. as Trust Buster; T.R. as Cosumer Protector; T.R. as Conservationist; T.R. and The Panama Canal.

Assignments for March 25-29

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

1.  In reviewing your class notes prioritize Theodore Roosevelt’s accomplishments with what you consider his most important as number one and so on.   Give an explanation for your top two choices.

Assignments for March 11-15

Monday, March 11th, 2013

1.  Due Monday 3/18:  Five Paragraph Report on Theodore Roosevelt:  1. Introduction-what your report is about 2. Brief biography-childhood, education, family, major accomplishments 3. T.R. as “Trustbuster” - explain what he did to earn this title- 4. T.R and the Panama Canal- describe how he was able to get the canal built 5. Conclusion-your thoughts on T.R. based on what you have researched and written.