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Assignments for Feb. 25-March 1

Monday, February 25th, 2013

1.  Read Chapter 13 by the end of the week.  Chapter 13 contains 5 sections of approximately five  pages each.  You are to read one section a night starting with section 1 pg. 442-447.  There will be no written work on these readings but there will be a short review quiz each class that will count as a homework grade.

Mon.- Read section 1 pgs. 442-447;

Tues.- Read Section 2 pgs. 450-457;

Wednesday-  Read Section 3 pgs. 450-467

Thursday- Read Section 4 pgs. 470-475

Friday- Read Section 5 pgs. 476-481

Friday- Map Quiz

Assignments for Feb. 11-15

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

1.  Due Wednesday: Read pages 431-433 and Summarize each of these sections: The Great Railroad Strike, Haymarket Riot, The Homestead Strike, and The Pullman Strike…..also along with your summary of each of those events state the point of view of business owners, workers, and your opinion of each event.