Assignments for Jan. 14-18

Monday- Test on Big Business pd. 1

Tuesday- Pd. 2 Test of Big Business.  Pd. 1 & 2-Read and highlight Thomas Hyde handout and make list of major achievements and points of interest.   Also research Charles W. Morse on web and write summary of his successes and failures.

Wed.- Read William S. Newell handout and make list of major achievements and points of interest.

Thursday- Research Thomas Edison and write summary of his achievements.

Friday- Watch Steve Jobs video and be prepared to write about him on mid term exam.;cbsCarousel

  Study Guide for American Experience Mid-Term Exam
 Five-Part Framework- be able to list and give examples.
 Three Theories of History- Be able to name and explain.
 Political Spectrum- Draw and label in proper location …liberal, moderate, conservative, revolutionary, reactionary.
Be able to give three characteristics of a liberal and three of a conservative.
Religious belief spectrum- Be able to draw and place in proper location the different labels.
Map- Be able to locate on a map these places:  Appalachian Mtsn., Rocky Mtns., Sierra Nevada Mtsn,, Cascade Mts., Columbia River, Mississippi River, Colorado River, Missouri River, Ohio River, Hudson River, Rio Grande, Connecticut River, Delaware River, Tennessee River, Snake River, Great Lakes, Original Thirteen Colonies, Louisiana Purchase, New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Maine, Florida, Texas, California, Alaska.
People/Entrepreneurs of Big Business- Describe the people listed below in terms who, what, where, how, interesting asides, and their legacy:
J.D. Rockefeller
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Andrew Carnegie
Thomas Edison
Thomas Hyde
Charles W. Morse
William S. Newell
Steve Jobs

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