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Assignments for Jan. 28-Feb. 1

Monday, January 28th, 2013

Monday- due next class:  Read pgs. 428-430 and answer these questions:  1.  List at least three things that describe the harsh working conditions of early industrial America. 2. How did industrialization effect workers wages?  3.  What caused resentment among workers even though their wages increased between 1860-1890? 4. Explain how deflation worked and how it effected the working man. 5.  Why did many workers conclude they needed a union?  6.  Explain the difference between a craft workers and common laborers.  7.  What was a Trade Union? 8.  Why was industry against unions?  Give several reasons beyond what your text book says. 9.  Explain the techniques industry used to stop workers from forming unions. 10.  Why were efforts to break unions often successful?  11. Summarize the beliefs of Karl Marx. (5 things) 12.  Describe the beliefs and actions of anarchists. 13.  Why was there a strong anti-immigrant feelings in the U.S. at this time…explain fully.

Weekend- Write up on the movie Modern Times -Write a page paper explaining how the movie Modern Times depicted  factory conditions during the Industrial Revolution- include such things as the effects of factory work on the main character’s physical and mental well being. Give examples.  Also, describe how Modern Times depicts the company boss and his relationship with his employees.   Explain such symbols as the  herds of cattle, the punch clock, the assembly line, the machinery, the feeding machine, the bare chested machine operator.

Assignments for Jan. 14-18

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

Monday- Test on Big Business pd. 1

Tuesday- Pd. 2 Test of Big Business.  Pd. 1 & 2-Read and highlight Thomas Hyde handout and make list of major achievements and points of interest.   Also research Charles W. Morse on web and write summary of his successes and failures.

Wed.- Read William S. Newell handout and make list of major achievements and points of interest.

Thursday- Research Thomas Edison and write summary of his achievements.

Friday- Watch Steve Jobs video and be prepared to write about him on mid term exam.;cbsCarousel

  Study Guide for American Experience Mid-Term Exam
 Five-Part Framework- be able to list and give examples.
 Three Theories of History- Be able to name and explain.
 Political Spectrum- Draw and label in proper location …liberal, moderate, conservative, revolutionary, reactionary.
Be able to give three characteristics of a liberal and three of a conservative.
Religious belief spectrum- Be able to draw and place in proper location the different labels.
Map- Be able to locate on a map these places:  Appalachian Mtsn., Rocky Mtns., Sierra Nevada Mtsn,, Cascade Mts., Columbia River, Mississippi River, Colorado River, Missouri River, Ohio River, Hudson River, Rio Grande, Connecticut River, Delaware River, Tennessee River, Snake River, Great Lakes, Original Thirteen Colonies, Louisiana Purchase, New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, Maine, Florida, Texas, California, Alaska.
People/Entrepreneurs of Big Business- Describe the people listed below in terms who, what, where, how, interesting asides, and their legacy:
J.D. Rockefeller
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Andrew Carnegie
Thomas Edison
Thomas Hyde
Charles W. Morse
William S. Newell
Steve Jobs

Assignments for Jan. 7-11

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Monday- Read pgs. 422-427 and do Section Review pg. 427 numbers 1-6.  Due at end of class.

Tuesday- Notebooks organized and turned in at end of class.

Wednesday-Worksheet on New Business Organizations due.

Friday- Test on Monday:

American Experience Study Guide- Growth of Industry and Business

  1. Be Able to Draw and Fill in the Time-Line.

    II. Terms-Be able to describe and explain the following terms:
  1. laissez-faire 2. Supply and Demand 3. monopoly 4. economy of scale

    5. entrepreneur 6. self-reliant individualism 7. corporation 8. stocks 9. rebates  10. drawbacks

 III. Questions- Be able to:

    1. describe how the United States was the right country, at the right time, and right place for industrial development making sure you explain the four major factors mentioned in your text book. (Notes and text book0

    2. explain how Cornelius Vanderbilt consolidated and streamlined American railroads. (notes)

    3. explain how Andrew Carnegie created a steel monopoly through the use of vertical integration. (notes)

          4. explain how J.D. Rockefeller created an oil monopoly through horizontal integration. (Text book-video)

          5.  explain how Philip Armour made Chicago into “porkopolis” and changed how products were manufactured.

          6.  describe the characteristics of success all the early entrepreneurs had in common.