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Assignments for Nov. 12-20

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

1.  Movie Review of Fahrenhiet 9/11 due Thursday

2.  Test on War on Terror Tuesday Nov. 20

3.  Study Guide for test:

        The War on Terrorism- Study Guide

Be able to:
Define and explain terrorism.
Explain why some groups resort to terrorism.
List and explain three reasons why some in the Mid-East resent the United States
Explan fundamentalist?
List the Western Values some Mid-Easterners resent.
List some Islamic fundamentalist traditional values they want to maintain?
Explain why the U.S. support of Israel angers many in the Middle East?

List two of Osama bin Laden’s goals?
List four things he did to achieve those goals.
Explain the ways was the war on terror  was a different kind of war.
Describe the Taliban and the kind of rule did they impose on the Afghans and who did they supported.                         Explain why the United States wanted to rid Afghanistan of the Taliban.  At least two reasons.
List three achievements of U.S. military in Afghanistan.
Explain the the big question regarding our policy in Afghanistan.
What four demands did Bush make of Sadaam Hussein that would lead to a U.S. invasion of Iraq if not meant?
List four reasons the U.S. wanted to rid Iraq of Sadaam Hussein.
List four things 30 billion dollars of U.S. money was used for in Iraq.
give the number of Americans were killed in Iraq between 2003-2006?

describe four of the most interesting things you learned about the Iraqi war from watching F9/11.                                            Do you think we were justified in invading Iraq?….give at least three reasons.